Proofreading & Editing

Proofreading & Editing

We offer you high quality texts that are created individually according to your specifications and wishes. Our offer includes the production of sample templates for term papers & term papers, bachelor and master theses, diploma theses and dissertations. In addition, we can assist you in your scientific work with a proofreading, a copy-editing and a plagiarism check.


When proofreading one’s own scientific work, even the most spelling errors are not noticeable. The common computer-based correction programs usually recognize only crude spelling errors, while minor errors in syntax or grammar are overlooked. In addition, the many technical terms that are included in any scientific work, the computer program is usually not familiar. To ensure that your work is linguistically and grammatically correct and therefore meets the high scientific requirements, we offer you a comprehensive proofreading. We offer you the review of your work regarding spelling and grammar by an experienced and subject-specific proofreader. Even with short-term projects we promise you a fast and high quality performance.


In order to write a high-quality scientific paper, not only spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes need to be corrected. Also stylistic and content improvements must be made. To ensure that your work is well structured, written in a scientific writing style, and that a common thread exists, we offer a comprehensive copy editing service. In doing so, we guarantee the verification of your bachelor thesis, master thesis or doctoral thesis with regard to content logic, a scientific sentence structure & writing style and the correct use of the appropriate specialist terminology. In addition, a scientific review will look for a visible guide that runs throughout the work and should plausibly link the initial question or hypothesis to the conclusion. The editing is supplemented by the review of the citation & formal standards, a linguistic proofreading and a plagiarism check. In order to be able to offer you the highest possible quality here as well, your scientific work will only be proofread by experts from the relevant field. They are well-versed in dealing with the appropriate specialist terminology, a scientific language and the required formal standards.

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